Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage and Benefits in Nigeria

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bet9ja agent commission

Ever since the inception of Bet9ja, The Company has been able to provide jobs for people who are willing to work and hence, opening more bet9ja branches.

One of their major steady income stream provided was being a Bet9ja Agent or Bet9ja Super Agent in Nigeria.

As a sports betting fan, being a Bet9ja super agent will be a better thing to do as such will provide a great way to earn some money in Nigeria,

Hence, MyWebSource have gathered the necessary things you need to know about the Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage and Benefits in Nigeria 2019.

But before then, let’s know how to become a Bet9ja Agent, how to register and get started with the bet9ja agent merchandise.


How to Become a Bet9ja Agent

Becoming a Bet9ja Business Agent is one thing that interests most among the services offered by the company.

You can make a cool fortune by becoming a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria. This requires just minimal promotion or marketing and makes the job easier.

Bet9ja Sports Betting is highly reputable and it’s becoming dominant among all other betting companies in the betting market.

This bet9ja company has built great trust and reliability over the years among its customers. Hence providing many shop branches across the country.

To become a Bet9ja agent, you will be running an effective business model and products of the company and as well as a sales outlet for Bet9ja.

You receive your commission or payments by the number of betting tickets done in your shop, and as well as credit customers who win for each bet ticket.

These are only but few of the Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage and benefits you stands to get in Nigeria.


How to register for Bet9ja Agent

Before you get started with the registration, ensure you read the rules and regulations involved very well.

  1. First, you need to ascertain a very nice shop that requires 20 minutes distance between any two bet9ja shops. Hence, choose a densely populated area.
  2. The registration fees range from N50,000 to N80,000 which will be deposited into the unique account created by Bet9ja for the agent.
  3. As an agent, you will provide few documents for the registration and verification process and must have a personal associate to fill the guarantor form for you.
  4. Once the documentation requirements are met, then both parties will sign and seal the contract.
  5. Now, the next thing is for the Agent to acquire the tools, equipment and bet9ja posters in order to set up its betting shop.


Tools/Equipment Needed to Set-Up

You will need a few pieces of equipment in order to set up the betting shop. Hence, the following tools will grant you easy set-up and smooth running of the betting shop

  1. A Desktop or laptop computer (2 and above, depending)
  2. Fast & Reliable Internet service
  3. Thermal Printer and a Regular Printer (for printing bet tickets and for printing fixtures).
  4. 2 or more Televisions


Benefits of Being a Bet9ja Sport Agent

As a Bet9ja Agent, you stand to get so many benefits, let’s see some of them below.

  1. You earn a Commission/percentage for every bet being placed at your shop.
  2. Zero risks involved
  3. Over 5000 events available to betting users weekly
  4. Over 12,000 live betting events available monthly
  5. Constant review and modifications are been made to products to enable it to remain viable and comparable to the European betting site standards.
  6. You gain technical and queries support via phone calls for setting up the equipment and tools.
  7. Bet9ja Agents will be provided with free training for the smooth opening and running of sports betting shop.

However, if you meet the above requirements on how to register for bet9ja Agent, believing that you have a passion for this business.

Then, you need to register now as an Agent. Kindly visit or sign up at or call 01-2796660 between 8:00 am till 9:00 pm (Monday – Sunday).


Bet9ja Commission Calculator

As a bet9ja Agent, the bet9ja Agent commission percentage is calculated depending on the games being played at your store.

The commission is been calculated by the percent of stake per selection you get.


Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage

From the above commission calculator, you earn based on each bet ticket you prints. Hence, the more bets being placed, the more you gain.

Also, you get paid every week with up to 20% commission of gross profit.

Tips for being the Best Bet9ja Sports Agent?

  1. You need to have Passion for Sport.
  2. Get Motivations to make Profits and Promote the Brand name.
  3. You need basic Interpersonal skills, mostly to be able to relate and make conversation with customers.


Alright, that is all we have here on Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage and Benefits in Nigeria 2019.

So, visit the Bet9ja Agents official website to get started with the best sports betting team and discover your reward for passion.

Become a Bet9ja Agent today!

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