Etisalat Data Plan 2019 & Subscription Codes in Nigeria

etisalat data plan codes

Have you been looking for the best internet data plan to use for your android phones? Then you are in the right place. Etisalat Data Plan or 9mobile Data Plan is the main deal.

Etisalat data plan codes are not just like any other network bundle plan codes, Etisalat also known as (9mobile) offers cool and affordable data plans to its users and customers.

9mobile or Etisalat data plan 2019 seems to be the best available bundle plans in Nigeria with double and unlimited cheap browsing rate.

Hence, MyWebSource has gathered the best 9mobile data plan for Android phones users and Etisalat network customers.

Etisalat Nigeria offers the best 3G networks, having a top speed network that is very fast as the 4G Broadband networks.

Etisalat is the next alternative for users and individuals who cannot afford other broadband networks like Smile Nigeria, Spectranet or Ntel.

However, Etisalat data plan codes or 9mobile data plan codes are made simple and available just like other network data bundle plans in Nigeria.

Today, I will share with you the full list of Etisalat data plan 2019 and the subscription codes for android phones users, the prices and how to buy Etisalat data in Nigeria.

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Etisalat Data Plan 2019 & Subscription Codes

Below here are the list of Etisalat Data Plan 2019 or 9mobile data plan and the subscription codes for android phones.

Meanwhile, you can easily subscribe to any of the plan of your choice using the codes provided below.


Etisalat data Plans               Prices               Subscription Codes                Validity

10MB                                             #50                               *229*3*8#                             24hours

40MB                                            #100                             *229*3*1#                              24hours

150MB                                         #200                             *229*2*10#                            7days

500MB                                        #500                              *229*2*12#                            30days

1GB                                             #1,000                            *229*2*7#                              30days

1.5GB                                          ₦1,200                           *229*2*25#                             30days

2.5GB                                         ₦2,000                           *229*2*8#                               30days

4GB                                            #3,000                            *229*2*35#                            30days

5.5GB                                         #4,000                            *229*2*36#                            30days

11.5GB                                       #8,000                            *229*2*5#                               30days


To disable or opt out of auto-renewal, simply dial *229*0#.


Etisalat Night Plans (Night & Weekends)

Yeah, the Etisalat Night Plans are among the available Etisalat Data plan 2019. Hence it includes the Night & Weekend plans.

These plans are very cheap and affordable. It is made especially for (Night Crawlers), that is, those that like browsing in the night.

If you do enjoy night browsing or likes to surf the internet throughout the night, then this plan is for you.

With as low as 200 naira, you can easily subscribe and get a whopping data bundle of 1GB to surf the internet till dawn.

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Now, let’s see the available data plans for Etisalat Night Plans.


  • 1GB Night Plan

First, is the 1GB Night Plan which costs as low as N200 Naira and lasts throughout the night on a maximum of 6 hours from (12 am – 5 am).

To Activate, dial *229*3*11#.


  • 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan

This is the evening and weekend plan that gives you 2GB of bundle data throughout the weekends and on evening times.

This plan goes for only N1000 Naira with 2GB internet bundle that has a validity period of 30 days (1 month).

Hence, this plan works only on weekends and evening times majorly from (7 PM – 7 AM) on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends.

To activate; dial *229*3*12#.


  • 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan

This is second to the 2GB evening and weekend plan and perhaps works in the same way. This plan gives you 5GB data bundle with only N2000 Naira.

The plan lasts for (1 month) 30 days maximum and can only be used on weekdays by (7 PM – 7 AM) and 24/7 on weekends.

To activate; simply Dial *229*3*13#.


How to buy Etisalat Data Plan:

Okay for users or as a new user of Etisalat (9mobile) network, you can easily buy Etisalat data plan easily anytime any day from your mobile device.

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To buy or to subscribe to any of the Etisalat bundle plans, simply dial *229# and follow the prompt instructions.

Hence, for instant access and fast subscription, you can use any of the subscription codes we provided in this article.


How to check Etisalat Data Balance:

To check your data balance on the Etisalat network, from your mobile device just dial *228#


Alright, that is all on Etisalat Data Plan 2019 or 9mobile data plan 2019, the subscription codes and prices in Nigeria.

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