Glo Data Plan 2019: How to Subscribe for Android & Smartphones

Glo Data Plan

Globacom Nigeria is one of the cheap telecommunication networks in Nigeria. Today we will see the best Glo Data Plan 2019, Subscription codes and prices.

Glo is popularly known with their slogan as “Grandmasters of Data” hence offering Unmatched Data Value or Unfair Advantage.

Obviously, Glo Data Plan 2019 is actually the cheapest internet bundle plan so far in Nigeria and offers unlimited bundle data to its customers.

Globacom Nigeria data plans give you many whopping data bundles than other internet networks and offers the best volume for money.

However, in a few places or areas the Glo network rating is been reduced due to its poor internet services and slow network.

Hence, this case seems to have changed for some time now and the network service has improved but is yet to reach all locations in Nigeria.

With the new developments of other networks in fast network service, Glo now offers high-speed 3G and 4G internet services to its users and customers worldwide.

Also, Glo Customer Care Services is one of the best so far, they are always there for you 24/7 to get your questions and issues resolved as soon as possible.

Glo Data Plan 2019 is very cheap and affordable with flexible internet browsing best rates ever.

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Now, let’s see below the latest Glo internet bundle plans, subscription codes, prices and how to check Glo data balance!


Glo Data Plan 2019, Subscription Codes & Prices in Nigeria

Here, are the available Glo data plan 2019, internet data bundle plan for subscribing Tablets, Android Phones, and all Gadgets.


Glo Data Plan                                      Price                Activation Code                 Duration

10MB (12.5MB with Bonus)                    #25                        *127*32#                      24 hours

22MB (27.5MB with bonus)                   #50                         *127*14#                      24 hours

80MB (100MB with Bonus)                  #100                        *127*51#                      24 hours

210MB (262MB with Bonus)                #200                       *127*56#                      5 days

800MB (100MB with Bonus)               #500                        *127*57#                      14 days

1.6GB (2GB with Bonus)                     #1,000                       *127*53#                      30 days

3.65GB (4.5GB with Bonus)               #2,000                      *127*55#                       30 days

5.75GB (7.2GB with Bonus)               #2,500                       *127*58#                      30 days

7GB (8.75GB with Bonus)                  #3,000                       *127*54#                      30 days

10GB (12.5GB with bonus)                 #4,000                      *127*59#                      30 days

12.5GB (15.6GB with Bonus)              #5,000                       *127*2#                        30 days

20GB (25GB with Bonus)                   #8,000                        *127*1#                        30 days

26GB (32.5GB with Bonus)               #10,000                     *127*11#                        30 days

42GB (52.5GB with Bonus)              #15,000                       *127*12#                       30 days

50GB (62.5GB with Bonus)              #18,000                      *127*13#                       30 days

63GB (78.75GB with Bonus)            #20,000                     *127*33#                       30 days



Each of the Glo Data plans comes with an attached bonus which is available to both old and new customers, hence you get this bonus only by renewing your plan before expiring.

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For example, when you subscribe to 3,000 Naira data plan for the first time, you get 7GB internet bundle which is valid for 30 days (1 month).

Then, if you now renew this same plan within the period of that 1 month that (before the expiration date), automatically you will get 8.75GB instead of 7GB data bundle.

If you want to keep getting the bonus data, all you have to do is just continue renewing your plan before the expiring date.


How To Check Glo Data Balance

Okay, here is a bonus attached to this article, it’s highly necessary as a Glo network user to know how to check your Glo Data Balance to ascertain when you run out of data.

With this, you can always check your remaining data balance anytime any day without the fear of exhausting your data so quickly.

To check your Glo Data Balance, follow this guide below carefully.

The first method in checking your remaining data balance is just simply dialing *127*0#.

Alternative Method: On your mobile device text the word “INFO” and send it to 127, immediately you will receive a text message with details of your remaining data.

Meanwhile, if you are yet to activate your Android or Smartphone for Glo internet service, quickly text “Activate” to 127.

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So, here you have it on the available Glo Data Plan 2019 for Android and Smart Phones, the subscription codes and their prices in Nigeria.

If you got any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can drop them via the comment box below and I will give you feedback in due time.

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