How to pay for DSTv using Quickteller

Going to a DSTv office to pay your bills can be frustrating especially when you have limited time in the day to spare. DStv is one of the best satellites TV in Nigeria offering undoubtedly wide-range of services that can keep you up and running through the day which you can’t afford to miss. Channels in DSTV include news, movie, music channels and many other exciting channels. When it comes to paying subscription bills, there are many ways to achieve that goal, they include online banking or mobile banking, quick teller and even going down to any DStv office to make payments. Quick teller payments have always proven to be faster, smarter and more efficient. The following steps below will show you how to make payments using Quickteller.

These Ten steps demonstrate effectively how to pay for your DSTV subscription using Quickteller.

  1. Turn on your decoder if your account/viewing right was disconnected.
  2. Log on to the Quickteller via
  3. Choose the DSTV bouquet you prefer
  4. Enter the following; phone number, smart card number and email address
  5. Click on the NEXT button
  6. Your DSTV subscriber name will be displayed, this will enable you to check if your details were filled incorrectly
  7. A pay button will be shown, click the button. Select your card type i.e verve, MasterCard or Interswitch
  8. Enter your card details, this includes card number, expiry date, card verification value. This information is found on your card. Your card verification value is the three digits found at the back of your card.
  9. Click on the PAY button to complete the procedure.
  10. Enter your token code or your ATM PIN for other banks.
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When this done and the procedure is complete, your viewing right will be reinstated. The Quickteller method is a fast effective method and can be done from the comfort of your home, office, school etc. provided you have a browsing phone, laptop and average internet service. The stress of walking or finding any Dstv office is completely eliminated.





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