How to write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy in Nigeria

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How to write an application letter

Do you know that a good application letter free from grammatical errors and choosing the proper use of words gives you an edge for securing any job vacancy in Nigeria?

Oh yeah, it is certain, many Job applicants are still searching for a job and find it difficult to write an application letter for a Job Vacancy in Nigeria.

While many have been asking a series of questions like what is a job application letter, how do I write a Job application letter, how to write the best application letter for a job vacancy?

A lot of job seekers and applicants may not know that the possible reason they were denied a job applied for was the way he/she presented their application letter.

When writing an application letter for any job vacancy in Nigeria, you need to have in mind the necessary tips needed so as to make a good letter.

Before submitting or sending out your letter, you ought to have your resume handy and ready, then attach your application letter and send to your employer or company.

However, to capture the full attention of the hiring manager or employer, your application letter should be well prepared and written very well and as well be interesting.

Hence, today in this article, I would be sharing the complete step by step guide and tips on how to write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy in Nigeria before sending to the employer.

Application letter or Cover letter as most people call it is meant to be a straightforward content and should be precise and brief.

It is a kind of a formal letter, you don’t need too many greetings or beating around the bush of any sort.

This is one wonderful tip that works when writing your letter, try as much to make it more genius so as to captivate every attention of the employer.

Also, try as much to put yourself in the same place as the employer or hiring manager who would receive the letter and then evaluate yourself to see how it goes.



The first step you need to take when writing your application letter or cover letter is to position your contact address and Phone number at the very top right corner of the letter.

And remember that when writing your application letter, it should be specific and concise, giving at most four to five paragraphs.

Let’s see some of the paragraphs outlined below and what content needed in each of the paragraphs.


  • First Paragraph: This is obviously the opening paragraph of your letter. Here you need to introduce yourself to the employer;

Introduce yourself by writing down whom you are and where you come from and probably the institution you attended.

Also, pen down the position you want to apply for and as well how you got to see the job advertisement.

Then, in this same paragraph, you can mention the enclosure of your attached files, resume and curriculum vitae (C.V).

  • Second Paragraph: This is the paragraph two which includes selling yourself. Yes, in this second paragraph you need to explain very well why you need the job.

Hence, going into details of why you choose the position of the job you applied for along with your skills and experiences had.

Also, pointing out extra potentials you can render to the company and what makes you the best candidate to be chosen.

This paragraph is opened for you to sell yourself and the qualities you have in you, but try to make it brief and interesting as possible.

  • Third Paragraph: This is the third stage of your letter where you get to let the company or your employer about your values and importance to the firm.

All you need to do is to just outline briefly how important you will be to the organization and what benefits they stand to get among others.

You will as well give them every possible reason why your application should be regarded and treated immediately with absolute consideration.

  • Last Paragraph: Now this is the fourth or last paragraph and I choose to call it the Closing paragraph.

At this stage, you only need to mention your availability days just in case you are been shortlisted to come for an interview.

Also, you are allowed to mention the days you are not mostly available, thereby making the employer to know on time on how to go about it.

Thus, this will help to avoid any incident that may cost or deny you an interview.



To make a good masterpiece of your letter, you need to have these simple tips in mind when writing your letter.

Here are some major guides and key points to adhere and keep in mind when constructing your application letter.

  1. Avoid Writing an Epistle: Yes, this is the number one tip you need to keep in mind. An application letter is not a letter you write to family and friends.

Hence, the main purpose of this letter is to attach it along with your resume of which your resume is already having more of your details.

Having a long letter or re-writing all that is already written in your resume could cost you an interview. Just keep it short but captivating.

  1. Avoid Spelling Errors: Before submitting or sending out your application letter, always cross-check your spellings.

You can as well do this when writing or typing the letter using the spell checker on your Microsoft word.

Meanwhile try to proof-read and check for corrections on your errors, grammar and spelling omissions after typing.

  1. Prevent the use of big Grammar: Avoid the use of slang’s or too many big grammars when writing your cover letter.

You are only allowed to use simple English and go straight to the point then focus on the main subject of the letter, hence avoiding flowery language.

  1. Direct the Application to the Company and its Job: Do not write only one application letter in a large form to use as a draft and be forwarding to many organizations.

It is not appropriate; you ought to write an application letter specifically for each Job and focus on the firm’s job vacancy.

  1. Typed Application letter: Most often, you are required to type your application letter, unless if there is a request for a handwritten letter.

If a typed application is required, just type and print it out then attach your resume or curriculum vitae with it before submitting.

When typing, the font should be a default font and official in nature. Mostly recognized font to use is “Times New Roman” and use font size as “12”.

  1. Email Application letter: Nowadays one can easily apply for jobs online by attaching your resume or (C.V) to a mail and type your cover letter with it.

Here, you don’t need to write a too long letter as if you are writing to your best friend, rather keep it brief and once you are done writing, hit the SEND button on the email.


So that is all you need to know how to write an Application Letter for Job Vacancy in Nigeria.

Now, you have the necessary guides and tips to follow in writing a perfect application letter for the job vacancy.

Therefore, visit any job site and find a vacancy that interest you most, write an application letter using all the steps listed above in this post and apply for a Job.

Good luck!

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