RIA Money Transfer Tracking: How to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

RIA Money Transfer Tracking

RIA Money Transfer Tracking is a very nice platform made available for sending and receiving money from another country.

Following the few queries from the internet, many people have been asking a series of questions like…

  • How do I receive money from RIA?
  • Can I send money through RIA to Nigeria?
  • How do I send money to RIA?
  • How to receive money through RIA in Nigeria?
  • How much money can I send through RIA?

If you are among those asking those questions, Worry no more; here on MyWebSource, I will show you how to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria.

Apart from using the RIA Money Transfer Tracking system, there are other popular international money transfer services in Nigeria which include…

  • MoneyGram

  • Lebara Money

  • Western Union Money Transfer

  • Azimo International Money Transfer.

However, the Ria Money transfer service is becoming so popular as well and then we deem it right to share with you how it works.

As well, let you know how to engage financial transactions with the Ria Money Transfer Tracking.


RIA Money Transfer Tracking and Services in Nigeria

RIA Money Transfer has grown to be the third largest money transfer service in the world. Hence, operating in about 144 countries with 314,000 locations.

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RIA Money Transfer also provides other services like Payment of Bills, Mobile Recharge, debit card services, money orders, and tracking.

You can easily send and receive money through any of these banks that represents RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria they are (Eco Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank, and Diamond Bank).


Benefits or Advantages of RIA Money Transfer

  1. RIA Money Transfer Service is convenient and Reliable.
  2. Provides affordable charges and no hidden charges.
  3. RIA Customers don’t need to identify themselves.


How to receive RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria

First, if you want to send money through RIA in Nigeria then you need to create an online account by visiting the RIA Online Site.

Now, after creating and registering on the online account, then you now choose how much you want to send and also calculate exchanged money.

You will be provided with 3 payment methods which include (Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account) and this is how the money will be sent to the recipient’s account.

Meanwhile, with the RIA Money Transfer Tracking, you can easily track your transaction till the money reaches the recipient.

Nevertheless, this service can be done offline; you just have to visit any RIA Cash Point or any of the above mentioned Nigerian Banks to process the transactions.

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Hence, this process and procedure are very simple when receiving money.

When receiving and the money is been sent to you at the cash points, you need to confirm your identity using any of (Nigerian National Identity Card, Driver`s License or International Passport).

Finally, you will provide the PIN given to you by the person sending the money and tell them the amount of transaction the sender is sending to you.


RIA Money Transfer Tracking is a nice platform to track your money when sending or receiving money from across the globe.

The RIA money transfer system has a big amount of Cash Points providing easy to use services to its customers.

Therefore making it a good choice to use when transferring or receiving money is a perfect thing, you don’t need to worry at all.

Hopefully, I believe with this information on RIA Money Transfer Tracking, you can be able to receive RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria.

Give it a try today and you will enjoy it.

Thank you!

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