Smile 4GLTE

Smile Nigeria is a communication company that provides 4G LTE mobile broadband in Nigeria. Smile Nigeria became one of the broadband provider of choice for Super-Fast mobile broadband internet and Super-Clear voice services with their excellent internet and voice provision services. Smile Nigeria has been one of the benchmarks to measure internet speed in Nigeria, although limited by geographical location, smile 4GLTE only covers Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Ibadan. Even with these restrictions Smile, Nigeria is still one the leading 4 LTE broadband internet provider in Nigeria.


If cool internet package internet packages for business, school and home are your plight, Smile Nigeria has solved that problem by providing tons of flexible data bundles for internet users with an excellent internet speed as a plus for users. To start with, you have to purchase a  smile 4GLTE  wi-fi starter pack. The prices for this pack differ depending on what you want. They range from N18,000-N23,000 with a sim card plus an additional free 10GB of data. You can also purchase the MiFi router which is sold for N16000, the MiFi router includes one sim card and 5GB data bonus. If you already have the mifi or router, you can purchase the smile sim, subscribe and insert into any of the smile devices you have and start surfing the internet. The only sim starter pack cost N2,300 which will warrant you 2GB complementary data.

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The smile MiFi router Pack cost N16000 and it includes a mifi and one sim card. The smile wifi router starter pack can be purchased at N23,000 and it includes one wifi router, a sim card with a bonus of 10GB.

The smile Nigeria 24hours anytime plan

bundles Valid-till amount
500MB 30 days ₦1,500
2GB 30 days ₦1,800
3GB 30 days ₦4,000
5GB 30 days ₦5,500
10GB 12 months ₦9,000
20GB 12 months ₦17,000
50GB 12 months ₦36,000
100GB 12 months ₦70,000
200GB 12 months ₦135,000


Smile Nigeria home Night plans and weekend plans

Home Night and Weekend Bundles Valid-till Amount
5GB 30 days ₦4,000
10GB 30 days ₦7,500
20GB 30 days ₦14,000


Smile Nigeria data bundle price and plans

Price Smile Package
SIM only Starter Pack ₦2,300 One SIM + 2GB Data
MiFi Router Starter Pack ₦16,000 Mi-Fi router + One SIM + 5GB data
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack ₦23,000 Wi-Fi router + One SIM + 10GB Data


The smile Nigeria has made data easy and accessible for every data users with a 4GLTE service that is super fast and super cool.

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