When it comes to the internet connection in Nigeria, Spectranet stands out amongst all other Nigerian internet firms. If you have ever wished for a fast yet reliable source of internet connection you may have come to reckon with Spectranet. It was the first internet company in Nigeria to introduce 4G LTE connection and has allowed many businesses to thrive on their internet speed. Spectranet covers areas like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abuja.

Spectranet devices
Evo mifi
The evo mifi is an excellent piece of device from Spectranet, with up to 10 hours of battery backup. It has a strong signal strength and allows multiple wifi user access. This device also has a space available for a memory card. The internet speed is high with an aesthetic design for easy grip. It also has standard micro USB interface/PC connection.
Freedom mifi
The freedom mifi has distinguished itself in the internet market. It has up to 8 hours battery backup with a very strong signal, it comes with an inbuilt display screen and a multiple user wifi access. One notable characteristic of the freedom mifi is that its internet speed is very high speed and it is portable.
Pebble mifi
The Spectranet pebble wifi has a battery lasting time of about 10hours, with a strong signal strength, a space available for a memory card, a standard micro USB interface for Laptop/PC connection. It is designed to allow easy grip. Its internet speed is fast and reliable even with multiple wifi access.
Zoom CPE
The Spectranet zoom CPE is one fine masterpiece built for excellent internet connection. It has a multi-user wifi access to support more than 10 users, it is ultra fast, reliable with good power and network indicators, it is designed with a USB and an Inbuilt rechargeable battery backup. The zoom CPE also have an inbuilt URL Web filter for website restrictions and a telephone interface for VOIP.
Spectranet outdoor modem
The Spectranet outdoor modem is a unique piece of technology. With a high signal strength, high gain directional antenna, superior signal quality and an inbuilt URL web filters for website restriction. One excellent feature it has is the fact that it has a communication hub for enterprise business.

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Installing Spectranet device
To install these devices is quite easy, Spectranet provided an easy how-to guide to follow in order to connect and use your device when purchased. The requirement for using this device includes; living in a territory that is covered by 4g LTE offered by Spectranet, owning a handset, computer or tablet that meets the requirements or compatible with an internet connection.

Spectranet data plans
Using Spectranet allows you to enjoy a wide variety of plans with some packages including an extra bonus. The main Spectranet packages have the following plans:
1. Unlimited gold plan, this can be gotten for N18,000
2. 40GB package, this plan goes for N11,000
3. 20GB package, this plan is gotten at N7500
4. 7GB package, this plan is gotten at N5000
5. 4GB package, this plan cost N3,000 but an extra 7GB package is given to you.
Spectranet also offers you a free nite browsing plan which allows you to enjoy a no-cost night browsing from 1am till 7am. 25GB, 40GB, 50GB,110GB and 200GB all offers you free night browsing at no cost.

Subscribing with Spectranet
The Spectranet 4GLTE service makes subscription easy, having a passport or an ID along with a credit card to pay for services is all you need to subscribe. Foreigner, on the other hand, are expected to provide 2 colourful photos along with their passport.

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