The internet is no longer new in Nigeria, this alone makes it competitive for brands to succeed in Nigeria’s market space. With the technological advancement from Spectranet, they have succeeded in launching different devices aiding in the modernization of broadbands. Due to the advancement of their solutions, they have succeeded in skyrocketing to the frontline of the Nigerian market putting them at the helm of affairs in the internet market. Spectranet no doubt is reliable, fast and affordable broadband internet services in Nigeria, with its services across major cities. Spectranet plans are VAT inclusive with 24 hours plan ranging from N3,000 to N70,000 including some all Nite Plans which have 24 hours access on weekends and Public Holidays.

Spectranet has dominated the market with their 4GLTE services and were, in fact, the only 4GLTE internet providers in Nigeria. Their bandwidth coverage is undeniably wide and has made it possible for excellent coverage across the country. Spectranet has made it easier for users to manage and view their account, and this is done using the Spectranet login self-care account. The Spectranet login self-care account is a portal where users can log in and view their personal account and account activities any day anytime. This means that activities like checking of remaining data balance, monitoring of data usage, renewal of data plans and viewing of data expiry date can be done with just one Spectranet login. when logged in there will be a dashboard where all the necessary information about your subscription activities will be displayed.


To access the Spectranet account, all you need do is open the official self-care Spectranet login page (Visit http://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng), a Spectranet login page will be displayed to you. You will be required to enter your username and password. After you have entered your password, then you click on the sign in button. It should be noted that this procedure is only for those that already have a Spectranet self-care account. For users who don’t have an account, the procedures are quite different.
For new users, the first procedure includes opening the self-care account official Spectranet login page. Enter the default name and password given to you at the Spectranet office upon buying the Spectranet device. When logged in, a notification will appear asking you to change the default password to a new one which you will be used for subsequent logins.

If you have forgotten your Spectranet login password, creating a new one is just a few clicks away. Firstly, you will click on the forget password link on your self-care Spectranet login screen, input your username. Characters will be displayed for you to identify for security purpose. When that is done a click on the submit button makes the job done.

Paying for subscription on the Spectranet login self-care portal is quite easy, this is done by just logging into your Spectranet account, clicking the refill button on the left sidebar. After clicking the refill button, two options will be shown to you, the first option is paying via prepaid vouchers, this can be gotten from any of the Spectranet partner’s outlet for any plan you wish to subscribe. The second option is using web pay to refill your account. On clicking this option a new page will be open where you will be asked to enter the amount you wish to pay in and in the currency you choose to. On this page, your Atm card details are needed to facilitate payment.
For any method you choose in refilling your account, at the end of the transaction, you will go back to the summary page where two options will be provided at the bottom, they are Renew data subscription with your current pan or with a different plan entirely. It should be noted that the Spectranet subscription procedures are supported by all Spectranet devices.

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