Uber Nigeria: All you need to know to get started with Uber Ride

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Do you wish to know about the Uber Nigeria Ride and how to become a partner or an Uber driver? Here, I will show you all.

Uber Ride is a new form of technology made available for commuters and drivers in Nigeria of which it is been connected with the use of mobile App.

Uber Nigeria Ride has been in existence over the years but has its operation in most major cities like Lagos and Abuja.

This new form of technology has brought about comfortable driving experience in Nigeria mostly in the above-mentioned areas.

Individuals’ living in those areas enjoy cool transport service when traveling or going for work by using their Smartphone to find the best transport service.

Obviously, only Lagos and Abuja residents enjoy this service the most. Hence the Uber ride will be reaching out to other cities in due time.

However, I will be sharing with you more details about Uber Nigeria in Lagos and a good overview concept of Uber Lagos.

With the fact that Lagos is in no doubt one of the major regions in Nigeria having an advanced transportation system, Uber has to dwell so much there.

Of course, Lagos is where their services and operation is been carried out the most.

One can become an Uber Driver as well if you are able to fulfill all the conditions and you can earn good amount of money.

Many Lagos residents who love to enjoy cool transport services always go for the Uber riding services and then pay to enjoy Uber’s ride.

Uber Nigeria has proven to be among the best transport company services mostly in Lagos state. Today you will know everything about Uber riding services in Lagos.


Getting Started with Uber Nigeria or Uber Lagos Driver

To become an Uber Driver, you must first download the Uber mobile app on your Smartphone. You can download that from your Google Play store.

You as an individual can get the Uber app before using the Uber riding services; this Uber App connects you with the Uber driver closest to your location.

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The driver will pick you up and drop off to your destination anywhere in Lagos.

Uber will deduct the transport fare from the bank account you provided during the Uber registration. You don’t have to pay in cash.

Hence, you will provide your correct details including (Name, email address, credit card details) in the Uber app during registration.


Steps to Become an Uber Partner in Lagos

Below here are steps involved in becoming an Uber Partner in Lagos and remember to provide your complete information and details of the vehicle documents.

  • First, visit here https://partners.uber.com and create a partner profile account.
  • Fill in the required details and continue with the following steps below.
  • To add your bank details: Visit www.vault.uber.com to specify your bank details
  • To add your vehicle: Add your vehicle and provide the vehicle documents below.
  • To add a driver to the installation: Provide the genuine driver license of any driver you want to add in your Uber registration and also the (LASDRI) Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Card of the driver.


Uber Lagos Vehicle Documents to be Provided

Here are the vehicle documents to be provided before you can become a registered Uber Partner in Lagos.

  • Vehicle license number
  • Endorsement of Incorporation
  • Tint permit (for tinted vehicles)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate of road-worthiness (provided by the appropriate authority)


Uber Lagos Nigeria Car/Vehicle Requirements

Do you know that Uber Nigeria doesn’t accept anyhow vehicle or car; your car must meet certain conditions before being accepted for Uber riding.

Uber accepts various vehicle brands which include Kia (Cerato), Toyota (both Camry and Corolla models), Honda (Accord) and Nissan (both Altima and Almera) etc.

Also for UberBlack, they accept the following vehicle brands as Toyota Prado, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW etc.

Always remember that your vehicle must meet the following criteria below before it’s been accepted for Uber riding services.

  • Your vehicles must be provided with valid insurance documents.
  • It must be provided with valid vehicle inspection reports.
  • The vehicles must have four doors (vehicles with only two doors are not allowed).
  • For UberX vehicles, it must be 2007 or new model vehicles.
  • For UberBlack and UberX vehicles, it must be sedan models (hatches are not allowed).
  • For UberSELECT vehicles, it must be 2013 or new models.
  • The vehicles should not be smaller than 1750 mm in width.
  • The following vehicle brands with large 15-passenger is not accepted like Ford Crown Victoria, Van, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Towncars.
  • The vehicles/cars must carry clear and vivid titles on their bodies.
  • The vehicle mileage or speed limit must not exceed the limit of 100,000km.
  • The interior components like Air conditioner and radio must be functional on the vehicle.
  • The vehicles must have the seat belts both the driver’s seatbelts.
  • For each vehicle, the driver must provide a valid LASDRI card or the driver’s license.
  • One driver is allowed for each account assigned to a vehicle and the account carries the name of the driver.
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Complete List of Uber Accepted Cars in Nigeria

Uber Nigeria has provided the list of vehicles that are accepted for its riding services in Nigeria with various vehicle models for Uber drivers to use.

However, we will be classifying these vehicle brands and models into the two main Uber categories as UberX and UberBlack.


Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models under UberX

Vehicle Brands       Vehicle Models

Acura                          TL

Audi                            A4

Acura                          RDUberX

BMW                          3 Series

Chevrolet                    Cruze

Chevrolet                    Epica

Dodge                         Charger

Chrysler                       300

Ford                             Fusion

Ford                             Focus

Hyundai                      Veracruz

Hyundai                      Sonata

Hyundai                      Santa Fe

Hyundai                      Tucson

Hyundai                      Elantra

Hyundai                      Accord

Honda                         Crosstour

Hyundai                      Accent

Honda                         CR-V

Geely                           MK

Infiniti                         Q50

Jeep                             Patriot

Jeep                             Liberty

Jeep                             Grand Cherokee

Jeep                             Compass

Jeep                             Cherokee

Kia                              Sportage

Kia                              Sorento

Kia                              Sedona

Kia                              Rio (2014 newer)

Kia                              Optima

Lexus                          gs 350

Lexus                          es 350

Lincoln                        MKS

Lincoln                        MKC

Mazda                         6

Mazda                         CUberX-9

Mazda                         CUberX-7

Mazda                         CUberX-5

Nissan                         UberXterra

Nissan                         Rogue

Nissan                         Murano

Nissan                         MaUberXima

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Toyota                         Camry

Toyota                         Avensis

Toyota                         Avalon

Toyota                         RAV4

Toyota                         Prius

Toyota                         Highlander

Toyota                         Venza

Toyota                         RAV4

Volkswagen                Touareg

Volkswagen                Tiguan

Volkswagen                 Jetta


Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models under UberBlack

Vehicle Brands      Vehicle Models

Acura                          RL

Acura                          RLUberX

Acura                          MDUberX

Audi                            S7

Audi                            S6

Audi                            Q5

Audi                            A7

Audi                            A6

Audi                            S8

BMW                          UberX6

BMW                          UberX5

BMW                          UberX4

BMW                          UberX3

BMW                          7 series

BMW                          5 series

Cadillac                       cts

Dodge                         Journey

Dodge                         Durango

Ford                           EUberXpedition

Ford                           EUberXplorer

Ford                             Edge

Infiniti                         M56

Infiniti                         M45

Infiniti                         M37

Infiniti                         M35

Infiniti                         M

Infiniti                         JUberX

Infiniti                         Q60

Infiniti                         Q56

Land Rover                 Range Rover Sport

Land Rover                 Range Rover

Land Rover                 LR4

Lexus                          rUberX 450

Lexus                          rUberX 350

Lexus                          Is 460

Lexus                          gs 460

Lexus                          gs 450

Lexus                          570

Lincoln                        MKUberX

Lincoln                        MKT

Mercedes Benz           M-Class

Mercedes Benz           GL-Class

Mercedes Benz           G-Class

Mercedes Benz           E-Class

Porsche                        Panamera

Porsche                        Cayenne

Rolls Royce                 Phantom

Rolls Royce                 Ghost

Suzuki                         Grand Vitara

Toyota                         Landcruiser


There you have it on Uber Nigeria and all you need to know to get started with Uber Lagos, how to partner and become an Uber Rider.

If you really know you are good at driving, you can opt-in today to become one of the Uber Drivers so you can make money driving with Uber in Nigeria.

Good luck!

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