How Western Union Money Tracking Online Works in Nigeria 2019

How to track western union money online

When sending money via Western Union, do you know you can use the Western Union Money Tracking Online System to track your money?

Definitely yes, it works perfectly. Today I will show you how to track western union money online in Nigeria 2019.

Following this article carefully with all the steps provided, you will be surprised that you can actually track your money via western union.

Knowing how Western union money tracking online works in Nigeria 2019 is what I am going to share with you here on this post.

MyWebSource has gathered all the available steps and guidelines that will help to track your money in the Western Union.

Nevertheless, there are so many other ways one can use in transferring money or tracking money in Nigeria like the RIA money transfer tracking, MoneyGram etc.

Following the search snippets on search engines, many have been asking a series of questions like;

  • How do I track a western union money order online?

  • How can I track my western union money transfer?

  • Can I receive money from western union online?

  • How can I receive western union from Nigeria?

  • Is Western Union Safe?

Oh yea, if probably you are among those asking any of these questions, worry no more, you will get answers to all of these questions here on this article.

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First, Western Union Tracking Nigeria is very much safe and they provide excellent and cool services to the users.

Without wasting your time, let me quickly show you how to use Western Union Money Tracking Online in Nigeria and how it works.


Western Union Money Tracking Online using MTCN

Now, let’s see how to track western union money online using MTCN.

  1. First, visit the western union official site and click on “Track Transfer” from the menu tab or just quickly go to the main link here.
  2. Enter your MTCN number and click on continue.
  3. Input the security text code in the box provided.
  4. Fill in the required field options carefully.
  5. After that, click on “Track Transfer”.

Once you have done that, it will now display the whole details about your money transfer.


Western Union Tracking without MTCN

Now, let’s see how to track Western Union money online without MTCN?

  1. Click on this same link here to get to the “Track Transfer” menu tab.
  2. Below the continue button, you will see this small notice text (Don’t know the MTCN?).
  3. Now, click on it and another Menu box for “Track a Transfer” will come up.
  4. Now you select if you are tracking with “Sender’s Phone Number or “Sender and Receiver Names”.
  5. Below are the things or details needed for any of the two options you select.
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First Option: Tracking with “Sender’s Phone Number”

For the first option, you will need the following details to complete your western union money tracking online without MTCN.

  • Sender`s phone number
  • Receiver’s country
  • Amount sent/received

Now, after providing all this information, you will receive all the details about your payment.


2nd Option: Tracking with “Sender and Receiver’s name”

For this second option, you will need the following details:

  • Sender`s first name
  • Sender`s last name
  • Receiver’s first name
  • Receiver’s last name
  • Receiver’s country
  • Amount sent/received.

Once you fill all this above, click on continue; then shortly you will receive all the details about your western union payment.

Now, to get the most out of your results in both options listed above, just enter the Date of Transfer, including the Month, Day and Year.


Tracking Bill Payments

Do you know you can also track bill payment with Western Union?

Western union money tracking online also provides you access to make your bill payments and as well track your bill payments.

To do this, click on the “Bill Payment” tab on the “Track a Transfer” page.

Then, enter the sender’s country, phone number and the bill amount to track the payment.

Also, enter the date of transfer, so you can achieve better results.

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However, you can as well track your Western Union transfers using the Western Union Mobile App. You can get them here for IOS and Android.


So, that is all you have to know on how to track western union money online in Nigeria 2019.

With this Western Union Money Tracking Online system, you can successfully track your money with Western Union anytime any day.

Hence, with the above information and steps listed above, you can always track your money on Western Union easily without any problem.

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